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Seeking a secure space to cater to your own clients. No percentage fees here. We offer a fixed daily price, all-inclusive. You’re free to service your customers just the way you prefer.

- Rent / Fixed price per day / week / month, You pick!
- Chairs for customer and artist
- Workstation
- Armrest, lamps all tattoo equipment for your use
- All supplies for treatment are included
- Stencil machine, printer, computer
- Access to kitchen, drinks, coffee machine, snacks

Tattoo machines and tattoo needles on your own

If you want to try, feel free to contact us!

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Custom Tattoo Shop in The Hearth of Helsinki Made from love to art!

We're all about turning your stories and artistic ideas into body art. Always close with you to create something totally unique and memorable. Whether you're into detailed black and gray or colorful designs, we've got you covered. Let's turn your ideas into ink!

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Looking to get inked without the wait? Drop by and let's make it happen!

No need for an appointment hassle, drop by anytime! If you're thinking of small or medium tattoos that can be done in just an hour, we've got you covered. Ready-made designs work perfectly for these quick sessions. Ensure your spot by pre-booking a time through the contact form below.

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Opening hours:

Monday – Saturday 10:30-18:00


Merimiehenkatu 28
00150 Helsinki

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Are you a guest artist or you are working in Helsinki? Searching for a safe and welcoming workspace? Look no further! Here, you can serve your customers according to your preferences with clear conditions and zero fees.

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Exclusive gift cards offer! Cards can be filled by any amount and be used as  part or full price for any  tattoo request. Gift Cards are valid for 6 months, starting from a day of purchase.

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To schedule an appointment, please fill out the form below. We’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible. By providing your information, you consent to receiving emails from us. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Pricing: Starting price for any tattoo is 150€
Small tattoos, Simply text or symbol. About 30 minutes. 100€
All requests are priced individualy after recieving your answers in form.

Consultations are for free.

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